Our power distribution service entails installations, testing and servicing from mains rooms and transformers through submains distribution to local distribution boards and busbar

Distribution solutions

There are various ways to distribute power locally throughout your building. This can be achieved by the use of:

  • Local distribution boards
  • Sub main distribution rooms
  • Busbar trunking systems
  • Lighting trunking systems
  • 110v systems

Mains rooms and metering

Your mains will usually be the main source of power to your building. We have the facility to design and install the electrical equipment tailored to your requirements. Fixed and wireless meters can be installed to monitor power usage across different areas of your business. This might include monitoring power usage ready to switch to renewable energy to compare results before and after to charging different areas of your business for electricity usage.

We can also manufacture MCC panels please click here




We install temporary and permanent supplies from your generated power source to the area or equipment required. We can size and calculate the installation as per your requirements.

Services we offer in this sector: